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Whether you are interested in a Digital Mentoring session or a Workshop; Fill out the form below to register or simply to ask any questions you may have!

Workshop registrations are limited. We believe in having an intimate atmosphere for two reasons:

1) You are not going to end up with the same portfolio with every other photographer and their dog.

2) You will have one on one time to ask questions, get feedback, and learn. These workshops are not designed to just build your portfolio. We want you to learn! To grow! To elevate your business!

Workshops are an intimate mentoring session where there is a wedding set up to photograph. Every photographer will have one on one time with me to ask any questions. Digital Mentoring is where I do a portfolio review with you. I go over your website, social media accounts, etc and teach you ways to improve in landing your dream clients. I am an open book. You can ask me anything at this time!

Portfolio building, How to scale your business and land higher paying clients, Styling, Camera settings, How to get into publications, etc.